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When you have kids, decorating their bedrooms is often one of the most exciting parts of moving into your newly built home. It’s important to ensure your kids have bedrooms that reflect their personalities while also creating spaces they won’t outgrow as they go from little to tween and then to teen. We’ve got some great tips to help you create the perfect kid’s room that will grow with them over the years!

Colour Palette

While it’s tempting to paint the walls a vibrant colour like bright pink, purple or blue, instead choose a soft neutral colour. Beautiful greys, crisp whites, and soft beige tones will never go out of style and will serve as the perfect base to build the theme of your child’s room around. Rather than choosing colours that all match, select items that will coordinate with the neutral walls and keep the tones soft and muted to create a warm, inviting space. Pastel coloured bedframes and bookshelves paired with white or grey wooden dressers and toyboxes will add depth to the room without being too jarring.

Feature Walls

Instead of painting the walls the same colour, select one wall to use as a feature. A wallpaper with a subtle abstract pattern or graphic in neutral or pastel tones will suit your child’s room from their younger years right through to their teenage years and beyond. Avoid graphics that are too youthful and garish – instead find unique artwork that reflects their interests while still complementing the aesthetic you’ve chosen.


One of the most important aspects of children’s bedrooms is having sufficient storage. Built-in-robes are great for kids and provide more than enough room for their clothing and toys, and will hide much of their mess. However, open shelving can also be a nice way to include storage in the room itself and give smaller children easy access to their favourite toys and books. Styled beautifully, these smaller sections of shelving add a carefully curated look that still allows the room to look and feel lived in by a child.


A great way to add additional layers of colour and personality to a kid’s room is with accessories. Floor rugs in soft colours and patterns will brighten up an otherwise neutral space, provide a soft space for kids to sprawl out on as they play, and protect the carpet underneath from any spills. They can be changed as your child grows, and are an easy way to mix up the colour scheme quickly. Select bedding that has a slight pattern or texture to it and add a few fun cushions in coordinating colours and materials. Kids love tactile fabrics, so using things with tassels, soft faux fur, and velvet will elevate the space and give your child something to snuggle up to when they’re relaxing in their room. Adding a hammock chair or tent in the corner of the room will create an element of fun as well as functionality to the room, allowing them their own space for a little downtime after school and on weekends.

Decorating a child’s room is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy, particularly if your child is old enough to give their input into how they want their space to look and feel. By taking their wants and needs into account, and choosing colours, furniture and accessories that coordinate in a subtle, inviting way, your child will have a space that’s truly theirs to enjoy over the years. For more design inspiration, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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