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As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the interior design trends that featured heavily throughout the year, and what we can expect to see in décor next year. There were a couple of trends in 2018 that people really loved, and some new trends that we can’t wait to see incorporated into new homes in 2019!


Boho Chic

Interior Design
Known for blending a variety of elements from different cultures and styles, boho chic can be incorporated into your interior design theme by bringing in lots of different colours and textures. Think rattan furniture and wall hangings, lots of fringing and woven materials, a dash of real greenery here and there throughout your rooms, and touches of velvet! Boho chic has an overall relaxed vibe to it, making your home feel welcoming and comfortable as soon as people walk through the front door.

Hamptons Style/

Interior Design
This iconic style calls to mind soft white sand, stretches of coastline, and of course, beautifully calm, neutral colour palette inside the home. Using light, white tones with splashes of colour scattered through the house (think sage green, pale blue, and a touch of blush), and oversized furniture that invites to settle in was a favourite amongst many stylists this past year, with the trend set to continue in the future as well.


Luxe Atmosphere

Interior Design
People are loving luxe items including brushed golds, matte metals, ceramics, bone inlay, white marble and velvets, which are still featuring heavily in magazines and retail homeware stores, and this is set to carry through to new homes as people add elements that invoke chic sophistication. Metallic tapware, beautiful tiled backsplashes, and velvet accessories will all trend heavily in 2019

Statement Tiles

Interior Design
Two trends set to leave their mark are herringbone tile and bold, black and white tiling. Herringbone is perfect to use to create a feature wall or backsplash, as well as making a beautifully elegant floor in your common areas. By using subtle, neutral colours like white or grey, you’ll elevate your home’s style instantly when you incorporate this into your décor. Bold black and white tile are set to make a comeback for those who want to make a true statement in their kitchen or bathroom. Encaustic tiles, which are tiles with a pattern on the surface of the tile, will feature in 2019, as people embrace the trend and truly liven up their interiors.

Timber Panelling

Interior Design
Timber panelling of different widths, lengths and sizes that run horizontally and vertically on walls and ceilings, both externally and internally, are tipped to feature in homes next year. The move towards including natural materials leans in to this trend as people become inspired to build homes that blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment.

With so many beautiful homes to use as inspiration for interior design, there’s a wealth of design tips and tricks over on the Hotondo Homes website, so head over there to have a look today!

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