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Once you’ve received the keys to your brand new home, walking in for the first time and seeing the home as a blank canvas ready for you to style is an exciting moment! For many people, keeping their new home looking sleek and uncluttered is a natural segue into choosing a minimalist interior design theme, and we’ve got some tips and tricks on how you can achieve this look in your home!

Colour Palette

Keeping a neutral colour palette is key for a minimalist look in your home. The overall benefit is neutral tones will always be in style because they’re unobtrusive and subtle, meaning they coordinate gently with a number of different looks. Within a neutral colour palette, there are a number of different shades you can choose from. Black and white will create a stark, striking feel, while grey and white is more subdued and cool, while beige, creams, and whites tie in nicely with each other to create a minimalist feel with warmer hues.

Clean Lines

Minimalist style embraces clean lines and sparsely decorated areas, however this doesn’t mean your rooms need to look sterile. Think about the furniture you’re choosing for your new home and how to place it in each room to achieve an uncluttered space that still feels comfortable. Large, modular couches, simple angular armchairs, and statement lamps or pendant lights will give the room depth without appearing to overwhelm it. Add character to a space by including a buffet or coffee table with a softer vintage feel in the living areas, or some bar stools with an industrial appearance in the kitchen. In the bedrooms, including a headboard upholstered in leather or fabric will make a striking contrast to the monochrome colours, whilst keeping with the theme of clean lines. Bathrooms with frameless showers and freestanding bathtubs create an elegantly minimalist feel, and when paired with a monochrome tile create a bathroom with five star appeal.

Accessorise Perfectly

While you don’t want to crowd your rooms with accessories to make up for the seemingly barren spaces around the furniture, there are lots of pieces you can include to tie in to your minimalist decor without making the rooms seem too busy. A strategically placed indoor plant in the corner will add a splash of green to an otherwise neutral room. Choosing a few pieces of large artwork to hang in prominent positions in the entrance and living areas that feature black, grey and white tones will seamlessly blend in to the space while creating a focal point of interest. You can also include wall sconces in the bedrooms to create a feeling of ambience, and add hanging pendant lights in a black or metallic material on either side of the bed in the master suite to visually break up the space over the bed.

Adding Texture

The key to softening a space with a minimalist style is to add small amounts of texture. In the bedrooms and living areas, casually drape a rug or blanket made from a rich material – mohair wool, and faux fur instantly add depth to the furniture, and an animal skin rug on the floor creates a soft feel underfoot. A piece of furniture covered in velvet invites the eye into a sitting area, and contrasts with the other neutral furniture it’s next to. Window dressings should still look sleek and unobtrusive, and blinds are the perfect choice for this décor style. If you prefer curtains, keep them airy and select a colour that leans towards the lighter side of the neutral colour palette to ensure the room feels bigger and brighter. You might even like to include a feature wall made from wood or sleek stone to add some texture to a common area, as well as breaking up the neutral paint colour of the walls.

Minimalist interior style doesn’t mean your home has to feel cold and uninviting. Through the use of carefully chosen furniture that embraces clean lines, adding subtle texture in each room, and tying everything together with a coordinating colour palette of neutral tones, you can create a look and feel that is inviting and comfortable throughout your new home. For more interior style and design ideas head to the Hotondo Homes website today.

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