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If you’re building a new home and looking for the perfect interior style that creates a welcoming atmosphere and also has a contemporary feel to it, modern country style is the perfect aesthetic for your family’s home, particularly if you’re building in a rural area. We’ve got some tips and tricks below on how you can implement this popular style in your home!

Key Style Elements

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Modern country style is influenced by traditional farm houses, and focuses on the idea of spaces for families to spend time in together. Neutral colours serve as the perfect base for building a homey feel in every room, and adding subtle colour accents will bring the home’s interiors to life. Think warm whites and creams on the walls with soft sage green, dusty blues, and calming greys used as accents throughout the home in furnishings, feature walls and cabinetry.

Natural Fibres and Materials

Jamieson Alfresco
The use of natural materials inside and out will add to the country feel, particularly when you include things like natural wood flooring, exposed brick feature walls, and pavers with earthy tones to echo nature’s surrounds. Creating a seamless cohesion of indoor and outdoor living is key to creating an atmosphere that makes your home feel like an extension of the beautiful country environment its located in.

The Heart of the Home

Monroe 287 kitchen
Like in traditional farm houses of days gone by, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and as with all modern homes is a place of communal gathering throughout the day. Traditional country kitchens favour function primarily, but modern country style allows for both functional design and beautifully appointed fixtures and fittings. You can include things like open shelving, glass fronted cabinetry and soft colours to enhance that country feel, while still having all the modern appliances and design features to make the space work for your family. Adding accents like pendant lights over the kitchen island and under bench storage will help add to the contemporary feel of your country style.

Home Accessories and Special Features

Jamieson bedroom
Country style is all about having furniture and homewares that aren’t perfectly matched, though modern decorating leans towards coordinating things a little more than usual. Adding rugs with texture and patterns over the wooden flooring, including rustic coffee tables and adding lots of cushions and throw blankets made from natural fibres like linen will all enhance the cosy feeling of your home. You might like to place cane baskets next to couches or the back door as both a storage item and an element of rustic charm, and buying some vintage inspired vases and copper jugs for bunches of eucalyptus and other greenery will make your home feel delightfully charming.

Modern country style is a streamlined approach to traditional country interior décor while still incorporating the overall aesthetic features that make homes look and feel warm, welcoming and an extension of their natural environment. This relaxed style is versatile and easy to bring to life in your new home. For more interior décor inspiration, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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