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Pastel Colours in the Home


Our friends at Haymes have released a re-edit of their beautiful spring colour forecast, the ‘Colour Conscience Re-Edit.’ If you’re building a new home, or thinking about a little interior refresh to your colour palette, this is the perfect time to inject some pretty, pastel colours into your interiors! The team at Haymes gave us some great tips on how to incorporate soft pastels throughout the home using their ‘Cohabitate’ palette, which is full of fresh, light pastel shades.

Energetic Peach, Coral, and Pink


                                                    Haymes Chateau

With airy tones that are best suited to creating casual spaces where family and friends can come together, peach and pink can be utilised in meal spaces indoors and outdoors in alfresco zones to create a relaxed and casual vibe that flows seamlessly from space to space. In the warmer months these tones blend in perfectly with the late afternoon sunshine, and pretty summer sunset skies. With coral being announced as the Colour of the Year for 2019 by Pantone, it’s the perfect shade to embrace in your home for a little pop of soft colour in bedrooms and communal family zones.

Calming Blue


           Haymes Light Admiralty Grey, Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau and Haymes Simply Woodcare Aqualac Satin

Light blue tones inside the home create an atmosphere of serene tranquility, making it the perfect colour for spaces where your family likes to relax. Bedrooms and lounge spaces are ideal areas in your home to include calming shades of blue to enhance a feeling of calm and quiet, while still making the spaces inviting. Shades of blue have the benefit of seeming almost monochromatic in appearance while still infusing a space with subtle colour, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Happy Yellow

Yellow doesn’t have to be heavy handed and overly bright in the home. Selecting a softer yellow shade that hints at golden hues means your rooms will have a feeling of welcoming warmth throughout the year. Whether it’s the master bedroom, a kids’ room, or a lounge area, pastel yellow shades will work well with other monochrome colours like grey, black, white as well as other lighter colours like blue and pink.


                                   Haymes Ultimate Seamless Flooring in Storm

Haymes recommends pairing their light, whimsical sorbet shades with their Ultimate Seamless Flooring system, which is a protective floor coating available in a ‘terrazzo inspired’ finish to provide a fresh interpretation of how colour and design can come together to create an innovative, inspiring solution for the home, customised to fit with your unique lifestyle.

Using pastel shades in the home means you’ll be creating spaces that encourage connection through the art of micro-zoning, and using soft colour to divide spaces without putting up physical walls. By carefully considering how colour impacts on mood and well-being, the use of pastel tones in the home will create an atmosphere that’s ambient, calm, and inviting year-round. For more interior décor and home design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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